We are passionate about turn-key street lighting conversion projects with no up-front cost. Our goal is to save taxpayer dollars and the environment through energy efficient street lighting. We utilize data to help cities plan and manage their street light systems while providing transparency throughout the process.

Where We’ve Impacted

What We Do

Tanko Lighting helps municipalities convert their aging street lighting infrastructure to the most energy efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures available. We provide customers with turn-key services that seamlessly guide them through the process.

Why Us?

  • Tanko Lighting is passionate about street lights and well-executed projects.
  • Our vast technical expertise, industry knowledge, project management experience and focus on applied data result in accurate and expedited project implementation.
  • We are product neutral, which enables us to provide technical solutions that meet each customer’s LED fixture and controls needs.
  • We leverage our extensive project portfolio to obtain volume discounting and provide the most competitive pricing.
  • We develop projects that harness the energy cost savings to result in no up front costs to the customer.

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