Tanko Lighting firmly believes that at the core of any successful project or enterprise are relationships. Whether it is with customers, vendors, suppliers or employees, we promote respect, accountability, trust and good communication with all of the people with whom we connect.

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The Environment

As the nation’s largest and most successful manufacturer of rebuilt street lights, Tanko Lighting was founded on a core principle of sustainability and reducing the waste stream from the street lighting industry.

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Bringing passion to light.™

Tanko Lighting is a manufacturer and professional services provider for street lighting and outdoor lighting projects. We manufacture or re-manufacture superior lighting products using the most innovative and energy efficient technologies. We also provide professional services and administrative support to successfully implement projects.

Street Lighting & Outdoor Lighting

Led by a lifelong street light enthusiast, Tanko Lighting is focused on street lighting and outdoor lighting projects. This specialty has enabled us to develop vast technical skills specific to this market, as well as an unwavering sense of responsibility to improve this market. As a result, Tanko Lighting does not see street lighting and outdoor lighting as strictly utilitarian necessities, but rather as highly functional elements that improve public safety, enhance aesthetics, preserve community history, and improve sight. Our interest and experience in this market enable us to provide superior cradle to grave support, including engineering, product manufacturing, technical assistance, project management and administrative support.

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Practical Solutions

Tanko Lighting offers options that solve customers’ needs while staying grounded in reality.

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